Left Hip
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Uniform Choice - Screaming For Change

In 1984, I was entering grade six in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At some point, somewhere towards halfway through the school year, I believe, a new kid named Keith showed up and he was clearly cut from a different cloth than the bulk of the other kids at my school, who were largely moneyed preppy/jock types. I felt totally alienated at the school and gravitated towards new kids from different backgrounds – two neighbours who were both children of NSCAD art school students/graduates, the son of ...
Mosiac old mans wynatar

Mosaic - Old Man’s Wyntar

Though they might consider themselves a black metal horde, Germany’s Mosiac pushes well the boundaries of any conventional genre-divides. _Old Man’s Winter_ is like a slow-moving glacier that subsumes everything in its path as it washes across the landscape forging a new landscape in its wake. Incorporating elements of black metal, ambient, neofolk, gothic, and other disparate genres into a seamless whole, Mosaic has created a cohesive and satisfying listen. Building a previously relea...

Óreiða - Demo 1

Signal Rex is coming out with what it bills as a series of obscure discoveries on cassette tape, including Demo 1 from Iceland’s Óreiða. Unlike so much black metal that prides itself on a primitive, almost naive raw and brutal sound from end to end, Óreiða shows off expert craftsmanship, starting with the relatively dulcet guitar and kalimba – if I’m hearing it right – of opening track Inngangur. An unsettlingly abrupt edit spits the listener into the brutal blast of Eldhríð. A great ...