Left Hip

An Autumn For Crippled Children - Eternal

Been sitting on this now old-news album for a while, often feels like the better an album is, the harder I find it to review. Such is the case with *Eternal*, the latest from Netherlands’ black gaze band An Autumn For Cripped Children. The album is absolutely beautiful, replete with waves of shimmering dream pop, pretty piano melodies, fuzzy guitar lines that hazily evoke a tremulous black metal past. Insistent, majestic post-rock beats abound. And of course incomprehensible black metal s...

Botanist / Oskoreien - EP : Green Metal / Deterministic Chaos

Writing about music is a very much unremunerated hobby for me and as such I write when I find the time and energy for it. Once downside of this is that I tend to pick off the easy targets. It’s not difficult to praise a perfectly implemented twee album, or a black metal horde that follows in lockstep with their forbearers. Blackgaze, as one example of the other hand, is a genre that can be difficult to wrap your head around at times. On paper it might sound like a bad joke; preposterous; a...

Uniform Choice - Screaming For Change

In 1984, I was entering grade six in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At some point, somewhere towards halfway through the school year, I believe, a new kid named Keith showed up and he was clearly cut from a different cloth than the bulk of the other kids at my school, who were largely moneyed preppy/jock types. I felt totally alienated at the school and gravitated towards new kids from different backgrounds – two neighbours who were both children of NSCAD art school students/graduates, the son of ...