Left Hip

Snog is the greatest band at the moment. Sorry that’s it, that’s all. I mean there are better songwriters, better musicians, better lyricists, even people with more interesting and better articulated politics. All sorts of probably technically better projects, but, and maybe this is just me, there is something about the sound, the way they push boundaries and cross musical styles, bringing anything into there fold, their sound.

Something about that sound that makes Snog incredible. The way they constantly strive to update the sound and make songs based on their current themes instead of just rehashing the old ideas over and over again to the top. In fact this probably serves the absolute opposite and keeps their audience scattered and confused.

Now I only have the Australian version of last days of Rome, okay - I’m assuming it’s the Australian. Though what I do know is it has a different track listing than the north American release. Well the bonus songs are different at any rate so I don’t know what that means, they are good, maybe the other ones are better. I guess I will have to listen to them and see.

David Thrussel is in fine form with his dark times are coming, conspiracy lyrics, where you can only guess at how seriously he actually means this stuff. And the music is bizarrely like electronic folk/lounge/house. Something like that. But I hesitate to use the term ’folk’ even, because it’s probably better to say country stylings; as they continue further into their exploration of psychedelic 60s country sounds.

And I do love that style of country, but hell I don’t really know how to describe it. Twangy, but then weird and bassy, strange, strange, strange I guess. One thing I have noticed is Snog seems to be going in the direction of one hard hitting album, then a mellow one. This is the mellow one, though I have found that the harder albums tend to be a bit more scattered, while the mellows have more consistent, well written songs. So it has a nice smooth flow, some good old easy listening, well easy listening for the end of the world that is.

And the idea of calling it the Last Days of Rome, quite witty really, as hell it might not be such a bad comparison, especially in light of all the crap that has been happening to the world lately. Goddamned environmental and social collapse gonna kill us all I suppose. Well I guess it’s only a matter of time before we all have to go anyway.

Well, hopefully bland and intolerably unjust societies collapse first. Oh wait that could be our own. Could well just be the end of the party for modern capitalism. But not for Snog, I think they’ll just go on dancing right into the end of the world. Probably still look for the great conspirators even after we’re all dead and gone, burned by the increasingly intolerable sun.